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The Ultimate Estate Planning Review Checklist
Help your clients plan for their future transfer of wealth to the next generation.

An effective estate plan can provide your clients with a measure of control over their future, as well as the future of their estate and their family’s financial well-being. Building that estate plan, however, can be overwhelming for them. And, the process can be a challenge for you - their trusted financial expert.

With so much to consider, details can easily slip through the cracks. This checklist, however, can help you assess where they are in the estate planning process and identify areas you will need to further address.

This checklist will give you a clear picture of those key estate planning items:

  • A complete inventory of their assets
  • List all their potential beneficiaries
  • Estate planning directives including formal documents
  • Charitable intentions
  • Life insurance issues
The Ultimate Estate Planning Review Checklist

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